Eurocamp18 Venue

The venue for Eurocamp18 is Newbury Showground in the South of England within easy reach of major transport centres and tourist attractions. The venue is 2 hours from central London and most of the key airports and ferry terminals.

The images of the venue on this page show the site set up for a previous event to give you an example of the size of the site available to Eurocamp18.


Newbury Showground is a permanent site owned by a charity which puts on major agricultural, trade and music events each year and has lots of experience of hosting events similar to Eurocamp18.

Eurocamp18 will occupy 21 hectares of the showground which is made up of flat and level grassland complete with a permanent internal road network. There are a further 18 hectares available which will be used for car parking and activities.

The camp will also have access to a large covered building for our dining and entertainment.

Toilets, showers and water will all be available during Eurocamp18.

You can visit the site for Newbury Showground here.


The showground is located approximately 100km west of London at the crossroads of two major roads in the UK, the M4 and the A34.

The M4 motorway runs from Cardiff and Bristol in the west through to Reading, Windsor and London in the East.

The A34 runs from Winchester in the South through to Oxford, Birmingham and Manchester in the North.

Travelling to Eurocamp18

To find details of the Airports, Channel Tunnel, Ports and Rail links to Eurocamp18 please visit the Eurocamp18 Travel page.

Ariel Shot showground in use


If you have any questions about the Eurocamp18 Venue or about the event itself then please use our Questions page or contact us and the organising team will do their best to help.

Please remember though that the team are all volunteers like you and cannot do bookings on your behalf.