Eurocamp18 Questions


Listed below are the most common questions about Eurocamp18 we’ve received so far. If the answer to your question is not shown then please contact the organising team and we’ll do our best to help you.

Food Options

Will the food options at Eurocamp18 cater for people with food allergies like needing Gluten Free food?

The fully inclusive catering option, is provided by professional event caterers who will be able to cater for any dietary requirements that are notified to us at the time of booking.

Medical Conditions

How do I let you know about any medical conditions I might have?

The Personal Registration Form will have space for you to notify us of any physical or medical conditions. These will be held on a confidential database, that will be available to our medical team, and will be referenced to your individual camper number on your camp wrist band.


If I’m worried or upset about anything at Eurocamp18 who can I talk to?

These issues are normally best dealt with by people within your own Group or Association, but if they are unable to help, please talk to any of the camp organisation team who will be able to arrange for relevant support.

Minimum Age

What is the minimum age for attending Eurocamp18?

Eurocamp18 is designed for invested Wolf Cubs, Scouts, Senior Scouts and Rover Scouts, and to take part in all camp activities the minimum age is 7.5 years on the 1st August 2018, that is born on or before 1st February 2011.

Younger children who are family members of adults attending the camp may be able to attend camp – please email the organising team with more information.


Can I bring my dog to Eurocamp18?

Well behaved dogs can be brought to Eurocamp18, but must be kept on a lead on the main camp site. We will provide a separate dog exercise area, where they will be able to run freely.

All dog mess must be bagged and cleared up immediately and disposed of safely. More information will be provided to dog owners when they register.

Dogs must be listed at registration, and should have all vaccinations up to date and if travelling from overseas an appropriate passport.


What is the smoking policy at Eurocamp18?

No smoking (or e smoking) is allowed on any part of the site, except for the designated smoking areas.


Will open fires be allowed in the sub camp areas?

Open fires will not be allowed in the sub camp areas. Our risk assessment concluded that the potential risk of serious injury or property damage in an area where up to 3,000 people would be camping in close proximity was unacceptably high.

As open fires and open fire cooking are fundamental to Traditional Scouting, we have put a great deal of emphasis on this in the activity programme.

Gas and petrol stoves will be allowed in your own camp areas, and we will aim to have the most common gas cylinders for sale in the camp shop.


Will vehicles be allowed on site?

Vehicles will be allowed on site for unloading and loading only, and must only be driven on the internal road network.

For the rest of the time they must be parked in the parking area close by. Special arrangements may be possible for people with mobility issues.

Caravans, Camper Vans and RV’s must be arranged in advance by contacting us.

Camping Areas

Will we be allocated a specific camping area?

Yes – every Group will be allocated an area based on the number of people that they register. These will be marked out in advance, and a detailed plan of camping locations will be available before the camp.

Arriving Early

Will it be possible for Groups to arrive before Saturday 28th July?

Earliest possible arrival on the Eurocamp18 site is Wednesday 25th July and there will be an additional camping fee of £4 per person per day. We may be able to provide central catering for early arrivals at an additional charge – this is still being negotiated.

We can recommend alternative camp sites in the UK for anyone wishing to arrive before Wednesday 25th.

Staying Later

Is it possible to stay at the Eurocamp18 site after Saturday 4th August?

We need to totally vacate the main camping field by the end of Sunday 5th August, but it will be possible to camp on one of the adjacent activity fields until midday on Wednesday 7th August – an additional camping fee will be charged of £4 per person per day.

Eurocamp18 Brand and Logo

How can I get the Eurocamp18 logo and images to promote the camp?

We’ve prepared a brand handbook and a set of logos and images that can be used to promote Eurocamp18. Please contact the marketing team to discuss your requirements.

Non-WFIS Groups

Are Groups from other Scout or Guide Associations welcome at Eurocamp18?

Please discuss specific requests with the camp organising team.

Carrying Knives

What are the UK rules for carrying a Knife or Axe in public?

In the UK it is illegal to carry a knife in public without good reason – unless it’s a knife with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less – for example a Swiss army knife. Knives with a locking device on the blade, or a fixed blade cannot be carried in public. Obviously there is no problem having suitable camping knives and axes for use as tools on the Eurocamp18 site.

Please ensure that you transport them packed discreetly inside a rucksack, or somewhere where the police could not claim they were readily accessible for use as a weapon.

Trip Options

Do I have to go on one of the trips?

No you can choose to go on a hike instead of a trip, or to stay on site for the day, or to make your own plans for the day.

Please share those plans with the camp office so that we know where you will be.

Can I choose to do two trips instead of going on a hike?

Yes you can choose to do a trip on both trip days.

Does a whole Group need to choose the same mix of hikes and Trips  and destinations or can individuals choose the option they want?

You can split your Group across different hikes and trips, as long as children are adequately supervised by the correct numbers of adults.

In the UK supervision ratios required are:

  • Wolf Cubs 1 adult to 6 children (with a minimum of 2 adults)
  • Scouts and Senior Scouts 1 adult to 8 children (with a minimum of 2 adults)

Can I go on the same Trip or Hike more than once?

If space on any trip is restricted, we will give priority to people who have not been on that trip already. But if there is space available, then you can go on the same trip twice.

International Friendship Day

How many badges should I bring to swap?

This is really personal preference, and we would suggest that you bring badges, pins, coins or other items that particularly represent your country or region.

Something between 10 and 20 items is probably realistic, so that you go home with a similar number of souvenirs.



If you have any questions about Eurocamp18 that aren’t answered on this page then please contact us and the organising team will do their best to help.

Please remember though that the team are all volunteers like you so it may take a few days to get an answer to your question(s).