Health And Welfare

Health And Welfare

The health and welfare of everyone at Eurocamp18 is vital so a number of health and welfare measures are planned for the event.


Groups attending Eurocamp18 will be expected to provide First Aid and initial medical support to those in their party.

  • Every person on camp will have a numbered wrist band and each wrist band number will link to the personal records of that attendee. Personal records will include any allergies so it is vital we receive details when registering attendees.
  • A record of anyone who leaves the Eurocamp18 site will be recorded from wristband numbers.
  • Essential supplies will be available in the camp shop.



If you have any questions about Welfare at Eurocamp18 or about the event itself then please use our Questions page or contact the Welfare Team and the organising team will do their best to help.

Please remember though that the team are all volunteers like you so it may take a few days to get an answer to your question(s).

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