Food at Eurocamp18

All about food

At the heart of every successful camp is camp food.

It needs to be healthy, well balanced, nutritious, delicious, safely prepared and sufficiently filling to give active Wolf Cubs, Scouts and Scouters the energy to enjoy a great outdoor experience.

That’s why for Eurocamp18 we have selected a catering company that is used to cooking for massive outdoor events, including the 2012 London Olympics, large music festivals, major businesses, and a whole variety of fairs and shows. They understand the importance of food in a successful event, and are partnering with us to deliver just what we need.

Meal Tokens

Meal Times

Where will food be served?

The Eurocamp18 site has a large building normally used at agricultural shows, and this will become the Eurocamp18 dining room, which will seat up to 800 people at a time. Food will be served in a number of sittings.

This room will also be used to house the coffee shop, and as one of the venues for evening entertainment, and as the home of the adults bar – The George and Dragon.

Decorating the Dining Hall

The Eurocamp18 Dining Hall is a very large building, and we would like to make it special during the camp by hanging flags and other decorations from the walls inside.

Please bring something with you that will help to make this area look special.

Eurocamp Food Options

Eurocamp18 offers two food options with different ticket prices to match.

Central Catering Option – £155 camp fee

All food centrally prepared by professional event caterers with a variety of options on offer.

The venue includes a huge undercover dining area with seating for 800 where meals will be served and eaten.

Food will be served in three sessions.



Eurocamp18 will provide suitable food options for Vegetarians and those with allergies or religious food requirements. Those with medical conditions such as Diabetes or food allergies such as Gluten intolerance will also be able to request suitable safe options for their dining.

Please let us know when you book your tickets for Eurocamp18 how many and who in your party require alternative food options.

What will be on the menu?

To see a sample menu for each day at Eurocamp18 please visit the Menu Page.

Self Catering Option – £110 camp fee

If you select the self catering option you will need to bring all your own cooking equipment, fuel and make your own arrangements for shopping, supplies, storing food and washing up.

Cookers must be gas or petrol although there are a limited number of open firer spaces now available – see below.

Self Catering Update – Open Fire Spaces 


As a result of WFIS requests we have obtained special permission for a limited number of camping places to be available where an open fire can be used for self catering. There is currently space available for a further 50 people to camp in this area.

Please contact Jay Dodson the Camp Chief to request these spaces, which will be allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis. 

Information will be provided on where and how you can purchase fresh food supplies and fuel. The nearest supermarket is 5km from the Eurocamp18 site.

You should bear in mind that the self catering option may impact the time you have available to take part in activities and mix with other groups.

Please be aware that if you choose this option there is no option to change to the central catering option later.



If you have any questions about the food options at Eurocamp18 or about the event itself then please use our Questions page or contact the food & catering team and the team will do their best to help.

Please remember though that the team are all volunteers like you so it may take a few days to get an answer to your question(s).