Eurocamp18 Facilities

Eurocamp18 will provide a wide range of essential facilities on site for those attending the camp including:

  • Flushing Toilets
  • Showers
  • Waste disposal
  • Essential Supplies shop e.g. nail scissors, sanitary products, paracetamol etc
  • Medical Centre with Doctor and Nurse
  • Large covered building for dining and entertainment.
  • Over 18s Bar
  • Coffee bar 
  • Camp merchandise shop
  • Sweets and soft drinks shop

A more detailed site map of Eurocamp18 and all facilities will be published as we get closer to the start date. You can see more at the camp layout page.


If you have any questions about the Eurocamp18 facilities or about the event itself then please use our Questions page or contact the facilities team and the organising team will do their best to help.

Please remember though that the team are all volunteers like you so it may take a few days to get an answer to your question(s).

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